An Effective Arms Workout At Home

arms workout at home
arms workout at home

Looking for a simple way to incorporate arm workouts into your arms workout at home routine but need help knowing where to start? Here’s what you need to know. You can do these arm workouts almost anywhere at home because they are easy and effective.

Whether travelling, travelling on business, or at work, you can fit these exercises into your schedule with your body weight. If you have access to weights or dumbbells, we have included exercises you can do with them. Try them as a part of our 10-minute HIIT workout for an added challenge.

Become familiar with the anatomy of your arm muscles for arms workout at home

It would help if you understood the anatomy of your arm muscles before you begin toning up or building muscle. When working on the arms, most people focus on the biceps and triceps, so we’ll discuss that.

Biceps tend to develop faster than triceps, which can lead to overworking them. Both sets of muscles must be equally engaged. The ability to maintain a balanced body, maintain proper posture, and maintain a normal range of motion will be easier with bicep and tricep muscle training.


Usually, the biceps spring to mind when you think of a flexed arm – think emojis of strong arms or classic bodybuilder poses. Biceps brachii, or two-headed arm muscles, are located between the shoulder and elbow on the front of the arm. There are two muscles in the biceps, one short and one long, and they help stabilize the arm and shoulder joints through their extensions beyond the elbow and shoulder. Exercises for your back muscles can be supported by this muscle, which aids flexion.


The triceps is mainly responsible for the extension of the elbow joint — straightening the elbow and, in turn, the arm — as opposed to the biceps, which is responsible for arm flexion. There are three parts to this muscle, which is found between your shoulder and elbow at the back of your arm. A stronger, toned chest can be achieved by combining the triceps with the pectoral muscles.

Bodyweight exercises for arm workouts at home

The most beneficial results can be achieved by repeating this circuit 3 to 4 times. For safety reasons, slow and controlled exercises are better than fast and erratic exercises.

Stretching is healthy for you, and it feels great to do it! You’ve probably heard it before, but it’s true. Let’s try our 10-minute full-body stretching routine and see what we have to offer.


Inchworms are a very effective bodyweight exercise that warms up your entire body. Balance and stability are also increased while your arms, chest, upper back, lower back, and abs are strengthened.

Arms Workout At Home
Arms Workout At Home

REPS – 5

Targeted muscles: Arms, shoulders, chest, upper back, core, hamstrings, glutes

What to do:

1. Make sure your feet are together when you stand.

2. Put your hands on the floor just in front of your feet while keeping your legs straight.

3. Alternate your hands as you slowly walk forward.

4. Hold for three seconds as your body is parallel to the floor in a push-up position.

5. Walking slowly with your feet towards your hands, only moving a few inches simultaneously, keeps your hands in place.

6. Return to the starting position after reaching your feet with your hands.

Plank to push-up

Arms Workout At Home
Arms Workout At Home

Plank push-ups work various body parts simultaneously: Push-up planks engage the entire body. In addition to your biceps, triceps, anterior deltoids, hamstrings, glutes, and back, this exercise also works your abdominal muscles. Strengthen and condition your body with this workout.

Reps: 10 total, 5 per side

Focused muscles: Triceps, chest, shoulders, core

Here are the steps to take:

1. With your feet together and toes curled under, place your elbows directly beneath your shoulders with your forearms parallel.

2. Keeping your body straight from head to toe requires you to tense your muscles.

3. When in the push-up position, raise one hand and follow it.

4. To return to the starting position, lower your back to your elbows one arm at a time.


A weighted dip is a challenging exercise that builds muscle mass and strength in the chest, triceps, shoulders, and back. Strengthen your body every two or three days by including them in your workout routine. Your muscles need sufficient rest between sessions in order to fully recover. To ensure that they have enough time to recover, make sure that you allow them the time to rest between sessions.

Arms Workout At Home
Arms Workout At Home

Reps: 10

Muscles targeted: Triceps, shoulders, upper back


1. Place your hands behind you on a bench or chair, keeping your shoulders directly above your wrists and your fingers facing your body.

2. Stretch your legs straight in front of you with your heels on the floor.

3. Bend your elbows and lower your hips towards the floor with control.

4. Straighten your arms to press your body back up to the start position.

Incline push-ups

While your chest muscles take the brunt of the work in the incline position, your core muscles must also be engaged to prevent back injury. Traditional push-ups work your chest, arms, and shoulders, but incline push-ups give your chest a solid workout by removing some weight from your arms and shoulders.

Arms Workout At Home
Arms Workout At Home

Inputs: 8

Specifically targeted muscle groups: Shoulders, triceps, chest, core, upper and lower back, glutes

What to do:

1. With your elbows on the floor, place your hands on your shoulders, slightly wider than shoulder width.

2. Keeping your feet curled under, extend your legs straight behind you.

3. Keeping your head and feet straight requires you to tense your muscles.

4. Keep your elbows tight to your body as you lower your torso to the ground.

5. Straighten your arms while lifting your torso and keeping it away from the floor.

Arm workout with dumbbells at home

You will work every muscle in your arm with these weighted movements, particularly your biceps, triceps, and shoulders. Following is a sequence of exercises you should repeat three to four times. Even though you’re exercising your arms, you’re also working out your chest and back. Maintain core strength and stability by keeping your core engaged throughout.

When starting with dumbbells, you should start with very light weights until you master the technique. Make the last three to four reps more challenging by gradually increasing the weight.

Bicep curls

Exercises that increase muscle growth include doing bicep curls every day. Due to the small size of the biceps, faster recovery times between sessions are possible, which allows a more significant volume in the gym throughout the week.

Reps: 12

Focused muscles: Biceps


1. Make sure you’re standing straight and holding a weight in both hands.

2. Forearms should be rotated so that the palms face up, thumbs face out, and elbows are tight against the body.

3. The weight should be lifted towards your shoulder by bending at the elbow.

4. Your hand should be in its final position when you begin to squeeze your biceps.

5. Return to the start position by lowering your hand to your side.

Overhead tricep extension

The triceps muscle stabilizes your shoulders and arms, improves flexibility, and increases your range of motion. Swimming, rowing, and boxing are all upper-body sports that prevent injury and make it easier to use your upper body.

Reps: 12

Muscles targeted: Triceps, shoulders

What to do:

1. Raise your arms above your head while standing with your feet hip-width apart.

2. Lower the weights behind your head while bending your elbows close to your ears.

2. Raise the dumbbells slowly toward the ceiling, keeping elbows tight.

3. Take a deep breath, squeeze your triceps muscles in the top position and hold for a second.

4. Regain your starting position by lowering your hands.

Lateral raise

It isolates the rear deltoid when you perform the rear lateral raise. Strengthening, toning, and stabilizing your shoulders and upper body can be achieved by targeting this muscle. Deltoid muscles play an active role in pressing, pulling, and overhead movements. Consequently, you are less likely to sustain an injury during your athletic and daily activities.

Reps: 8

Muscles targeted: Deltoids


1. Place dumbbells in your hands and palms facing your body while standing with your feet hip-width apart and arms hanging by your sides.

2. Hold your core and lift your arms sideways, palms facing the floor, as you engage your core.

3. At the top of the movement, pause once your arms have reached shoulder height.

4. Regain your starting position by lowering your hands.

Bent-over row

Bending over row exercises improve trunk stability, hip stability, and back muscles. Try either the supported one-arm dumbbell row or the inclined bench row if you experience back pain or can’t keep your back straight during this exercise.

Reps: 10

Targeted muscle groups: Biceps, the entire back

Follow these instructions:

1. Face your palms towards your body while standing hip-width apart.

2. Hold your arms perpendicular to the floor and maintain a slight knee bend.

3. You should lift your weights with your elbows driving behind your body while keeping your torso stationary.

4. Hold your back muscles for a second after pulling your shoulder blades together.

5. Once you have reached the start position, lower the weights slowly.

Standing tricep kickbacks

The triceps kickback is an effective exercise for building upper body and arm strength. It can benefit other physical activities if you incorporate them into your routine. Exercise regularly to maintain a well-rounded workout routine that includes strength exercises, flexibility exercises, and balance training.

Reps: 10

Muscles targeted: Triceps


1. Standing upright, hold each dumbbell with your hands hip-width apart.

2. The chest should be almost parallel to the ground as your hips hinge forward. The elbows should be bent 90°, and the knees should be bent slightly.

3. When lifting the weights, straighten your arms and squeeze the tricep muscles for a few seconds.

4. The dumbbells should be slowly lowered back to the start position.

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It only takes a few repetitions of these exercises each week to start feeling stronger, leaner, and more confident. When it comes to seeing real results, a healthy diet is essential. You need to eat right as well as exercise if you want to lose weight or gain muscle. A healthy diet and regular exercise can work hand in hand, especially in the long run.

Are you looking for a way to train from home? Get in shape at home with these workouts.

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